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More young homeless people in Pueblo

More young homeless people in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - Those who work with Pueblo's homeless population say the city's high unemployment rate and lack of affordable housing are adding to a growing homeless problem.

"Anyone under 25 that is couch surfing or might be living with friends is considered homeless," said Anne Stattelman, director of Posada.

Stattelman says families are doubling up inside homes, cramming parents and children into tight spaces. Stattelman works for Posada, an organization that provides housing for those who are running out of options. In January, Stattelman says Posada employees counted 30 homeless youth in Pueblo in a two-hour time frame.

"I think in a community when you have people that are living in unsafe situations, it should matter to all of us. Just for health consideration because children aren't protected. Because we're not protected," Stattelman said.

Stattelman says 10 units on Pueblo's south side are the only ones available specifically for families that have no other options. She spoke before Pueblo City Council Monday night and voiced the need for more transitional housing that, she says, will lead people into affordable housing.

"Many of our other affordable housing, subsidized units are full or have a waiting list. So it's very tough for families having to make due on limited incomes right now," Stattelman said.

Stattelman says there is some good news. She says the number of homeless veterans in Pueblo has gone down because of housing vouchers provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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