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Morse confident in final week of recall election

State senator from Colorado Springs fighting effort from gun control critics

Morse Stumps For Support Against Recall

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The effort to recall two Democratic local state senators because of their support of gun control laws brought one of those senators to the streets, stumping for support from loyal constituents.

Sen. John Morse knocked on doors in west Colorado Springs in Tuesday.  He said he wants to remind people who elected him, to get out and vote against recalling him and Pueblo Sen. Angela Giron from office.

Yet Morse realizes that he doesn't have support at every door he knocks on.

"Even today as I walk the streets occasionally, I run into someone that disagrees with my stance," he said.  "I listen to them, try to explain back to them and often they don't want to hear it."

Morse admitted that he ignored many of his constituents regarding their opinions on gun control -- one of the accusations made against him by his opponents.

"Those that we didn't listen to were those who were vile and disgusting and sent threats -- which truthfully, turned out to be an awful lot of the folks on the opposition," he said. 

Regarding negative campaign ads, Morse said he's been too busy to see them or even pay attention to the ads his campaign puts out.  He also makes no apologies for accepting campaign money from outside sources because his opponents have done the same.

"Campaigns cost money, and since there's outside interests that are trying to force the taxpayers here to pay for a special election, we're OK with outside money coming in to (resist) that," he said.

Morse, who's in his second and final term as senator, said he has no regrets.

"I wouldn't change anything," he said.  "Very little will change even if I am recalled.  The laws will still stay on the books.

Despite expressing confidence, Morse said he's doing everything he can to convince voters that he belongs in the state senate.

"And if it's enough -- which I feel very strongly that it will be -- I will continue to serve.  If not, then I won't."

Voting begins in El Paso County on Thursday.

Seeking to fill Morse's senate seat is former Colorado Springs city councilman Bernie Herpin.

"We're working hard to win," said Herpin.  "We're reaching out to voters who are dissatisfied with Morse for accepting money from East Coast liberals."

The other target of the recall effort is state Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo.  Voting in Pueblo County began last week.  George Rivera seeks to fill Giron's seat if she's recalled.

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