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Morse recall effort prompts warning from pro-Morse group

Pro-Morse group questions safety in recall effort

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - After a long battle over gun control this Spring, Sen. John Morse is at the center of another fight.

A pro-Morse group, A Whole Lot of People for John Morse, is launching a radio and phone campaign that's critical of the company being used to collect signatures for a recall effort.

Kennedy Enterprises has been hired to collect some of the signatures in the final push to get close to 7,200 signatures by June 3. The Morse group has cut a 60-second spot that warns personal information might not be in the best hands if citizens give it to a Kennedy employee.

"The company has a long history in Colorado, especially Colorado Springs, of fraud in elections," said Christy LeLait, a spokeswoman for A Whole Lot of People. "There's been problems in 2006, 2008, and 2010."

"To our knowledge, they don't perform background checks on their signature gatherers. And these are people who have access to our personal information," said Le Lait.

The recall petition effort is a blend of grassroots volunteers and a group called  the Basic Freedom Defense Fund.

"We do have both volunteers and paid gatherers going door-to-door as well as having static locations. It's simply the most efficient way to collect the signatures," said Anthony Garcia, board member of the BFDF.  

"The recording is biased slander, nothing more," said Garcia. "I myself have signed many petitions on my doorstep over the years and there's simply no information to get from that that could possibly hurt you, so there's no risk in my opinion."

Rob Harris began the recall petition because of Morse's actions during the gun reform debate. Harris said Morse ignored his thoughts on reform and banned him from his Facebook page because of his comments on gun legislation.

Harris called the audio recording very misleading and believes it's meant to scare people into not supporting the recall effort.

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