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Morse term limit not affecting recall effort

Senator's critics undaunted by short time remaining in office

Morse's Term Limit Not Affecting Recall Effort

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The leader of a group seeking to recall state Sen. John Morse said Wednesday that it doesn't matter the lawmaker has only one year left to serve because of term limits.

Anthony Garcia of the Basic Freedom Defense Fund said the point of the current petition drive isn't solely to remove the Colorado Springs Democrat from office.  Garcia also wants to prove a point about how much damage the Legislature caused in one year by passing gun control laws.

"We wanted to get him out now," said Garcia.  "It's also about sending a message to the Legislature.  They need to know that Colorado citizens are not going to stand for this kind of representation.  They're not going to stand for legislators who would rather listen to New York and the White House rather then their constituents."

Garcia blamed East Coast influences for the gun control legislation.

Morse responded by saying, "They're wasting a lot of time, effort and money.  I know it's a feather in their cap if they can recall a senator, even one who has only a year left."

The deadline for turning in petition signatures is June 3.  Garcia has refused to reveal the number of signatures he has, saying opponents could use the information against him.

On Thursday, the local Democratic party plans to hold a press conference presenting voters who were allegedly "misled" and "bullied" by volunteers who collected petition signatures.

Garcia defends the actions of his group and denied any wrongdoing.

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