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Mother: I was not let into my child's school

A woman said school staff at Otero Elementary School was stopping parents trying to walk their children to class on Monday morning.

District officials told KRDO NewsChannel13 many schools are looking at security changes in light of the shooting in Newtown, CT, but the parent said the incident was going too far.

Linda Childers said she was helping her son carry several things and walking him to his class room.

"I was blocked by two hands, by two staff members saying that I could not enter into that school," said the mother.

Childers said she is a part of the Very Involved Parents program, and that she has been fingerprinted and background checked.

"It was kind of frightening. No notification to the parents. No time for me to talk to my son and say hey we have a new policy and this is it," said Childers.

Childers also said she contacted several schools in District 2 and was told they still allowed parents into the building. Childers called the superintendent and received a call from the Otero Elementary who told her the staff members were misinformed.

School district officials said that Otero elementary is reviewing security in response to the shooting at Newtown, but parents are always welcome into the school.

Childers said she is not against a policy review, but said parents should be notified before any changes are made.

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