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Mother of missing man has new hope to find son

The search for Robert Pillsen-Rahier

Mother of missing man has new hope to find son

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The Mother of Robert Pillsen-Rahier has gained new hope to find her son after three missing women were discovered in Cleveland after vanishing from their homes nearly a decade ago.  Jean Rahier-Langness talked to me on the phone from her Kansas home saying, "It has restored hope to find Robert.  I started crying when I found out that those three women had been found." 

Robert Pillsen-Rahier vanished in 1990 from a now closed Colorado Springs Care Facility.  His mother, Jean never believed he just took off.  She's also never given up the search for him.  He would be 39 years old this year. 

Springs Police Detective Ron Lopez hasn't given up hope to find Robert, either.  He is a one man cold case missing persons unit trying to heat up the investigations.  Jean Rahier-Langness keeps giving him information to update NAMUS.  It is a website with the latest medical, law enforcement, family and coroner information to determine if someone who has been found elsewhere is Robert or a different missing person.  Jean told me that Detective Lopez has recently been in contact with her to get more DNA and dental record information to update NAMUS and the search for Robert.

I asked Jean, "If you had a message to say to your son right now what would it be?"  Jean told me, "I love you so much Robert.  Please, please please come home.  It's been very difficult.  It feels like the Grand Canyon has been inside of me because my son is missing and it's hard to fill."

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