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Mother saved two lives by donating daughter's organs

Mothers saved two lives by donating daughter's organs

Jennifer Sheriff made the decision to donate her baby's organs when doctors told her the baby had no brain activity.

Alexa Morgan Sheriff was born May 14, 2012. 

"About 24 hours into it, we had the test results back.  There was no brain activity.  They don't know why it happened or what happened," said Sheriff.

Sheriff said her baby's heart and liver were donated to two other children, who received the organs successfully and are now able to live healthy lives.

Sheriff said the young girl who received Alexa's liver, "had actually never smiled, had never done anything.  She was just very sick from the day that she was born.  They told me that she actually woke up with a smile on her face."

Sheriff said the decision to allow her daughter to help others was an easy one, and gave her daughter's short life a purpose.

"That two other parents were out there waiting, and sitting by their child's bedside and feeling this pain and agony.  Knowing that I was partly responsible for taking away that pain and agony, it took away my pain and agony," said Sheriff.

April is National Donate a Life Month, and Donor Alliance wants to raise awareness to the importance of the issue.  According to the organization, one donor can save eight lives with organ donations and 100 different lives with tissue donations.  To learn more on how you can get involved, click here.

The Sheriff family is hosting a benefit in honor of Alexa.  The Alexa's Angel Golf Tournament will be held on May 17 at the Valley Hi Golf Course.  The benefit will raise money for Penrose St. Francis NICU and Donor Alliance.  For more information on how to help or get involved, visit the Alexa's Angel Facebook page by clicking here.

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