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Mother's Day snow storm causes multiple accidents

Mother's Day Snow Storm

SOUTHERN COLORADO - Mother Nature gave mothers a cold, snowy gift on Mother's Day. Southern Colorado drivers were stuck navigating the nasty weather on Sunday.

I-25 was backed up for miles this afternoon near the Larkspur exit. Both northbound and southbound lanes were bumper to bumper.

"I don't understand it, but it's Colorado," said driver Kathy Jackson.

Colorado State Patrol says six different crashes happened within minutes near the Larkspur exit thanks to snowy conditions and drivers following too closely.

"I was amazed because it's bad weather, but it's not so bad on the streets. I think that people drive very tight," said driver Claudine Gauthier.

It's been a few years since mothers in southern Colorado had a wet, white holiday like Sunday's storm

"Probably within in the last five years. It's not that unusual, really," said Paula Watkins.

Mom Kathy Jackson had to fill up her tires in the snowy mess.

I knew it was going to snow. I mean they said it was going to snow. It's just a matter of time of when because again it's Colorado. It could change from one minute to the next," she said.

"We took my mother out for breakfast and that was pretty enjoyable getting her in and out of the car," said Watkins.

One lesson moms have learned about May in Colorado is to never plan to plant anything before the middle of May.

"I graduated high school here and that was in the middle of June and my high school graduation got canceled due to a blizzard," said Watkins.

I-25 northbound near the Larkspur exit was closed for a little more than an hour because of an accident. It re-opened around 4:30 p.m.

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