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Motorcycle riding instructors give out safety tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Another weekend of multiple motorcycle accidents is shining a light on the need to be careful on the road.

Instructors at the Motorcycle Training Academy teach riders of all levels things like wearing proper gear and safety techniques. They've see other riders make risky mistakes on the road, like weaving in and out of traffic. They say no matter what a rider's experience level is, he or she needs to keep safety in mind.

And although paying attention is everyone's responsibility, MTA instructors said riders need to be extra careful.

"We need to take the responsibility and make the extra effort. Because the car drivers, they're going do what they're going do," David Tolbert said. "We have to be on the defense because we're not going to win in an accident with a car or in any accident."

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