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Moving day, post Waldo Canyon fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Joseph and Patricia Nelson Boyd are psyched to be back home. They've been out of their home on Yankton Place after it was destroyed by the Waldo Canyon fire this past summer.  The Boyds have a happy struggle on their hands, these days.  It's moving day after being displaced for months.

Joseph told me , "It's kind of the same, but different.  However, it's still great to be home."   Their home was the first building permit issued after the fire.  It is four bedrooms and three and a half baths.  Their previous home had one less bedroom but this new stucco home has a three car garage.  It's also roughly the same size at 3500 square feet. 

Patricia Nelson Boyd told me, "Today the emotion is more anticipation, happiness.  We are just happy to be here.  We had our first greeting by our neighbors to say welcome back."

Joseph Boyd looked out of one of the many new windows of his home at the construction going on around him.  It means new life in his neighborhood and his neighbors will soon return.  Joseph said, "I'm happy they're coming back."  Patricia added, "I think we are now part of a group whether we wanted to be part of the group or not. The fire happened to all of us.  Now we have an event that binds us together."

Classic Homes built their new home after their original one was destroyed.  Classic promised the Boyds that they would be back in their home by Thanksgiving.  Classic did that promise one better.  The builder got the Boyds back into their home, three weeks early. 

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