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Mustard agent vapor found at Pueblo Chemical Depot's storage igloo

PUEBLO, COLO. - A chemical monitoring crew today detected and confirmed the presence of mustard agent vapor inside a chemical storage igloo at Pueblo Chemical Depot, containing 105mm projectiles during routine chemical operations.

Passive carbon filters prevent contaminated air from leaving the structure. Crews will now begin a process of installing 1,000 cubic ft./minute air filters to lower the levels of contaminated  air inside the igloo prior to sending crews into the storage structure in personal protective equipment to look for leaking munitions. Crews will not enter the storage structure today.

Federal, State and Pueblo County officials were notified immediately and will continue to be updated. All operations associated with finding the leaking munitions will be completed under strict engineering controls, protecting the environment and safety of all depot employees and surrounding communities.

Similar incidents happened at the Pueblo Chemical Depot in the summers of 2012 and 2013.

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