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Narrowing down identity of man propositioning girls

Narrowing Down Identity of Man Propositioning Girls

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Police need help to find a man who is propositioning girls around Colorado Springs. Five similar incidents have happened in the city in a month.

The most recent one happened Thursday afternoon (5/15/14) in the student parking lot at Palmer High School. School District 11 says a teenage girl reported she was approached by a white man in a red pick-up truck who offered her money to watch him touch himself. The problem is officers don't have much information to find the man.

"You see a red truck and you're just like wondering is that them? And should you watch around you? Like are there any girls around?" said parent Barbara Wenzel.

Wenzel has four children. She says she's worried police only have a vague description of a suspect: a white man in a red pick-up truck trying to convince teenage girls to watch him touch himself for money.

"I think it'd be better if we had more of a description that way we're not wondering if it's everybody everywhere and you're not always walking looking over your shoulder," said Wenzel.

Lt. Jeff Jensen with the Colorado Springs Police Department has a few pointers to narrow down the search.

"Does he have facial hair? Does he have any piercings that are visible? Any unique clothing? Bright colored clothing, any specific type of ball cap," said Lt. Jensen.

Police say you should look for certain characteristics to better identify the truck like if it has any markings, stickers, or damage to the truck. Parents have ideas, too.

"See if you could see even eye color, how they talk, their teeth and see as much detail as you can," said Wenzel.

"Hair color, facial features, scars, if he had tattoos," said Mike Graham.

Most importantly, police say to look for a red pick-up truck that appears to be attempting to contact especially younger people outside of a park or outside of a school.

"That's when we want people to be very aware and be the best witness that they can be," said Lt. Jensen.

If you have any information about these cases, call Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000.

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