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Narrows neighborhood still bares scars of flood season

Narrows neighborhood still bares scars of flood season

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Homes along Narrows Road in Manitou Avenue still bare the scars of last season's flood season and neighbors said Monday they are worried about what's in store for this summer. 

Last summer, a wall of water and debris from Williams Canyon tore through the neighborhood twice.  Debris clogged bridges over a cement channel that funnels water from the canyon and caused it to overflow onto properties. Two homes on Canon Avenue were destroyed in the first flash flood last summer as well as several homes on Narrows Road. One home was swept away.

Since then, the neighborhood has hauled away mud and cleaned up their properties. However, some homes are empty as owners continue to do repairs. Other residents who suffered extreme damage to their homes and won't be able to return.

Tina Webber's home on Canon Avenue looks onto Narrows Road. She is enthusiastic about the work the City of Manitou Springs has put into flood mitigation efforts in the area. She also said the neighborhood has changed its attitude about flood preparation.

"We all band together," said Webber. "We just try to know everybody now, before we didn't know everybody."

Ashley Jacobson's home was hit twice last year but she considers herself lucky.

"You could see the mud lines up the house, but it didn't get inside the house," said Jacobson.

She hauled off pounds of mud and re-landscaped her backyard twice. She worries every time it rains. However, she said she's not going anywhere.

"It's worth it.  It's my house," said Jacobson.

Chances for thunderstorms in the area increase Thursday.

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