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National Mill Dog Rescue needs forever homes for new dogs

Helping rescued pups

Rescued mill dogs available for adoption

PEYTON, Colo - The National Mill Dog Rescue just got in a new batch of dogs that desperately need your help. Two rescue teams just got back from Kansas and Missouri with 75 dogs.  These pups were from breeders that the rescue works with and surrendered the animals to them,  instead of seeing them euthanized.  

Many,  but not all are from seven to eight years old.  They were dogs used for breeding and selling the litters to pet stores.  Their little bodies just couldn't breed anymore.  Michelle Burchfield is with the National Mill Dog Rescue.  She told me the animals are being evaluated, socialized and their general condition is, "I was just talking with the groomers.  They've pulled 22 ticks off the dogs already. They're busy getting bathed and groomed for the first time in their lives."

Thirty of the original group of 75 have been taken to an adoption shelter in Arizona.  There are still 45 dogs that desperately need your help to find a forever home. 

I've put a link to the National Mill Dog Rescue website on our hot button story on the front page of KRDO.com.   There will be pictures put up of the pups who you may decide that you can't live without in your family.  Here is the phone number to this volunteer rescue group, 719-495-7579. 

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