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Need for speed, Highway 24 speed limit goes up

Changes to 55 mph from 45 mph

Highway 24 speed limit goes up

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Feeling the need for speed on Highway 24 and higher speed limits are what drivers are getting, but not everyone is happy with the idea.

Out with the slow, in with the speed on Highway 24 between 8th Street and 31st Street. It was once 45 mph and is now 55 mph.

"I normally pay attention to what the traffic is doing. If the traffic is doing 55, I do 55. If it is doing 35, I do about 35," said driver David Thompson, a supporter of the speed change.

The speed limit change comes after a recent study done by the Colorado Department of Transportation. 

"If there was a number of people driving over the speed limit," said El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark.

85 percent of drivers in fact are driving 55 to 60 mph, according to the study.

"If people do drive too fast should we automatically raise the speed limit or should we look at safety noise concern and all of those things?" asked Clark.

It's not the speed, but rather how the speed limit was changed that Commissioner Clark wants to put the breaks on.

"I called CDOT and even some of their folks who are very involved with us on transportation issues were unaware that it has been raised," she said.

Bob Wilson, the spokesman for CDOT, has been quoted saying, "CDOT doesn't go through a public process when it comes to increasing or decreasing speed limits."

"It's about time they start paying attention to us," said Thompson.

It's a change drivers feel was a long time coming.

"I'm not critical of the speed limit being raised. I'm concerned that there was no process held. The neighborhood may be in favor, but where was the process?" said Clark.

Clark says she hopes to collaborate with CDOT in the future in changing the process that includes the community.

KRDO Newschannel 13 reached out to CDOT, but our calls were not returned.

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