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Neighbors respond to private road erosion in Black Forest

Volunteers make temporary repairs

Update on Eroded Private Roads in Black Forest

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - Black Forest residents who live along unpaved private roads found getting around easier on Wednesday.

Severe erosion from Monday's flash-flooding left many neighbors unable to get into and out of their properties.  Private driveways also were affected.

However, neighbors are stepping forward to help.  In some cases, they're making temporary repairs on the roads, despite the possibility that the work will wash away in the next flood.

On Rusk Lane, where road erosion was the worst, Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs arranged for equipment and materials to fill in the roughest spots.  It's unclear how many roads are affected.  Many homeowners who had the necessary equipment to maintain their roads, lost that equipment in the fire.

"I'm very pleasantly surprised," said Sue Baird, who lives at the north end of Rusk Lane.  "We're having a dump truck come to haul our scrap from the home we lost in the fire.  We didn't think they'd be able to make it, with the road the way it was."

Amanda Davis of Crosses For Losses escorted residents who were unable to drive or walk to their properties on the damaged roads.

"There's no organized effort to repair the roads," she said.  "It's just neighbors helping each other and filling a need."

Davis said she's hopeful that federal disaster money will be available for repairs if the county determines that certain private roads are a danger to public safety.

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