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Neighbors: seeing man's body was gruesome

Body found outside El Vecino Apartments

Police investigating body found outside apartment complex

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A suspicious death in Colorado Springs is under investigation. Colorado Springs Police found a man's body outside an apartment complex Tuesday morning (1/28/14).

It was found at the El Vecino Apartments near Monterey and Circle. Neighbors and witnesses are very shaken up after seeing the body.

One man who lives in the apartment complex didn't want to go on camera fearing he could be next. He said he heard arguing between two men around one in this morning.

Police interviewed one neighbor after another on Tuesday trying to solve how a man ended up dead in a parking lot of the apartment complex.   

"It was just shocking. It made me sick in my gut, like freaked out," said neighbor Bianca Saunders.

Neighbors told KRDO Newschannel 13 the man was naked with his pants around his ankles.

"Why wouldn't you like wrap the body up or something? At least toss it in the dumpster, but you left that out seemingly, intentionally for people to see, to make some kind of message," said neighbor Nina Mathew.

Looking at the snow marks, neighbors said the man may have been dragged.

"It looked like there was a little bit of a struggle or something and that's why there's all that blood and he's like maybe a few feet away from it,"

Crime is nothing new at The El Vecino Apartments, according to residents.

"Just a few weeks ago, you guys were here for a bomb threat in one building and then there was a stabbing last week and now this week," said neighbor Steven Houle.

Anxiety is high around the apartment complex.

"I just feel scared, like i would break my lease if i could because this is not safe at all," said Saunders.

The El Paso County Coroner will conduct an autopsy on the man to determine how he died. Police have not identified him.

Police do not have any suspects. If this is ruled a homicide, it will be the second in Colorado Springs in 2014.

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