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Neighbors work together to save their golf course

Neighbors work together to save their golf course

MONUMENT, Colo. - King's Deer golf course is set to open again.

The course closed in February, which came as a surprise to the people who live on the golf links.

"There was a cross-collateralization with other golf courses the previous owners previously owned. When you're paying your bills to support other golf courses, you yourself (are) in a bad position," King's Deer Homeowner Association Board Member Jason Aguilar said.

He said the day after the foreclosure, neighbors worked together to find a buyer for the course.

Almond Golf LLC bought the golf course.

Aguilar thinks leaving the golf course closed would ruin the community.

He said according to realtors and appraisers, the home value in the King's Deer area would have dropped 10 percent.

Aguilar said people who live in King's Deer will help maintain the golf course.

The course is set to open on May 10.

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