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New areas deal with flood damage for first time

Heavy rain Thursday floods basements, damages yards

Cleaning Up, Drying Out After Latest Flood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Floods aren't common in southern Colorado, but they've become more common this year -- and even areas away from the wildfire burn scars are affected.

One of those areas dealing with a serious flood for the first time, is the Forest Valley neighborhood near Woodmen and Vollmer roads in northeast Colorado Springs.  Neighbors said runoff water from heavy rain poured onto Forest Valley Loop, a newer subdivision with many homes acquired in the past year.

Several storm drains that were partially clogged by cinder blocks worsened the flooding, neighbors said.  Water eroded yards and poured with clumps of hail into basement windows, breaking window frames and reaching almost to the ceiling.

Danny Compton and his wife, Andrea, couldn't believe it was happening.  Their home, and that of neighbor Ron Becker, is between a walkway where flooding was the worst.

"We weren't really too worried about our house," said Compton.  "We thought we were high enough, but it just got worse.  We've seen some minor flooding here before, but nothing like this.  We grabbed what we could and tried to use buckets to catch the water until it got to be too much."

The Comptons feared that Andrea's wedding dress was ruined by the flood.  However, he said they found the dress and it's in good condition.

Becker used a power sprayer in his front yard to clean what he salvaged from his basement.

"They say the first couple of days are real important so that you don't get much mold," he said.  "We bought all new furniture.  We were installing a bar, my 70-inch TV screen, they're all gone.  It's not going to be cheap to replace all of it."

Neighbors said they don't have flood insurance because they're not in a flood plain, but they hope to have coverage because hail was part of the damage.  They also said they plan to speak with the developer about drainage in the neighborhood.

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