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New attack ads against Giron to air next week

Latest strategy by supporters of recall effort

New Attack Ads Target Pueblo Sen. Giron

PUEBLO, Colo. - State Sen. Angela Giron, of Pueblo, faces new accusations by opponents less than three weeks before she faces a recall election because of her stance favoring gun control.

In two political ads scheduled to begin airing on local radio and TV next week, the Pueblo Freedom & Defense Committee criticizes the Democrat and supports her recall from office.

In one ad, the committee uses a video clip from a town hall meeting in February.  Giron is surrounded by people and is asked in a confrontational tone:  "Will you protect our Second Amendment rights?"

Giron replied, "I don't believe it's a yes or no question."

"That's against her oath," said committee chairman Victor Head.  "That's what she took an oath to do, uphold the Constitution -- and here she is saying well, she can't answer yes or no if she's going to uphold that oath.  That's a big problem for a lot of people."

The second new political ad includes Head, his brother and a friend.  They identified themselves as plumbers and the founding members of the committee.  They said they want Giron recalled because she has lied about the committee being controlled and funded by outside groups like the National Rifle Association.

"It's just bullying," Head said from the committee's office in downtown Pueblo.  "They know we don't have a lot of money.  They know we don't have huge, high-powered lawyers.  And they're just trying to mess with us, essentially.  They're bullying us."

Head said the NRA also wants to recall Giron and has mailed flyers out to voters.  However, he said the NRA is campaigning separately from the committee.

Giron declined an interview on the matter, but her campaign manager, Jennie Peek Dunston, is skeptical that the committee is grass-roots and has no outside support.

"So when they try to tell you everything's happening by these three guys and people are getting mailers from Virginia (the NRA's headquarters), I think voters are smarter than that," said Peek-Dunston.

"I think it's funny that they say the senator ignored her constituents regarding gun control and then they use a video of her talking to constituents," she said.

Both campaigns are scheduled to appear in court in Denver on Tuesday.  Giron's campaign filed a complaint about the committee's campaign finances.  The recall election is Sept. 10.

"Even if we lose, I think we've proven that three guys can make a point and hold lawmakers accountable," said Head.

"We're confident the recall will fail," said Peek-Dunston.

To see the political ads, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zi-6Ggqtu0 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMqTfkMA0yk

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