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New details revealing more about a triple murder in Canon City

Report reveals more about a triple murder in Canon City

CANON CITY, Colo. - An affidavit is revealing new details on the investigation into a triple murder in Canon City.

Jaacob Vanwinkle is accused of killing Mandy Folsom and her kids, Mason and Marissa, and sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

In the report, police said the first call came from a girl who reported that she was sexually assaulted.

Five police officers went into the Folsom home on Phay Avenue and found the Vanwinkle in an upstairs bedroom.

The affidavit shows police discovered five-year-old Mason lying face down in a crawl space. His sister, nine-year-old Marissa, was in a bed with a sock taped in her mouth.

The children's mother, Mandy, was in a downstairs bedroom with her hands tied with tape and above her head.

The affidavit said Vanwinkle admitted to investigators that he sexually assaulting the teen several times.
He told investigators he was high on methamphetamine and paranoid.

Vanwinkle denies committing the murders.

According to the affidavit, Vanwinkle said he found a bloody knife. He said he wrapped it up and hid it in a crawl space.

He said he left the home to get methamphetamines from a friend. He said he found the bodies when he returned to the home.

Vanwinkle said he didn't want to call police because he was wanted on an arrest warrant.

The report shows Mandy and Vanwinkle broke up two weeks before the murder.

According to our partners at the Pueblo Chieftain, Vanwinkle is a convicted child molester, and he is facing 36 charges in the triple murder.

Patty Ritter lives near the Folsom's home. She said it's going to be a long time before the neighborhood gets back to normal.

"To this day, I still drive by and I look at the house thinking it's going to be Mandy and her children in the front yard," she said.

Vanwinkle remains in the Fremont County Jail without bond.

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