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New developments in the debate over stormwater

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A plan to solve the Pikes Peak Region's stormwater problem continues to find support and opposition.

Colorado Springs City Council approved the regional stormwater plan Tuesday afternoon (8/26/14), but a decision on fees will take just a little longer.

That's because El Paso County Commissioners were scheduled to pass a final reading of the plan, but they moved the vote to next week after some last minute word changes were added.

If commissioners pass the plan, voters will be asked to approve a stormwater fee on the November ballot.

The proposed fee will cost homeowners an average of $7.70 per month and will generate $39 million dollars every year for stormwater relief.

Also Tuesday, Mayor Steve Bach reaffirmed his opposition to the plan with a formal proclamation. In the proclamation, Bach says the current plan is not fair to the residents of Colorado Springs, and that it will grow the size of government while imposing a new tax.

Bach's proclamation concludes with a list of changes that would have to be made to the proposed intergovernmental agreement before he could support it. Click HERE to read the full proclamation.

The Stormwater Task Force released a response to the mayor's proclamation Tuesday evening. You can read the full response HERE.

The region faces a large backlog of stormwater projects that are necessary to minimize flood damage and other drainage issues in El Paso County as well as downstream.

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