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New flash flood risk maps released

Fountain Creek and Camp Creek highlighted

New flash flood risk maps released

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The city of Colorado Springs released new flood risk maps for areas surrounding Camp Creek and Fountain Creek on Wednesday.

The maps were displayed at a flash flood risk analysis meeting at Al Kaly Shrine.  The maps are also available online.

Bonnie Lapora lives near Camp Creek and is concerned that debris and silt in the creek beds could cause serious damage if a flash flood occurred.

"As a neighbor, I'm concerned about flash flooding," Lapora said.  "If that should happen, our neighborhood would be cut off."

Ken Hughlett, emergency management coordinator for Colorado Springs, said that many people may not think of the side effects of a flash flood.

"It may not be their personal property that's at risk today," Hughlett said.  "But it might be their access, or their power sources.  So you need to make a plan for whatever hazard you have presented to you."

Lapora said she was concerned that if Camp Creek or Fountain Creek flooded, her family would be stuck at home without electricity or a way out for days.  She said staying informed on her risk of flooding has helped her be more prepared.

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