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New hope for missing child 27 years later

Christopher Abeyta missing since 1986

New hope for missing child 27 years later

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Southern Colorado family is keeping hope alive that their son, Christopher Abeyta, may still be found. He's been missing for 27 years. New sets of eyes are investigating the cold case.

The Abeyta family gave those investigators all the information they've had since July 15, 1986 - the day seven-month-old Christopher went missing. Months turned into years and now nearly three decades later, possible breaks in other missing children cases are encouraging to the Abeytas.

"You never forget it," said Gail Abeyta, Christopher's father.

The morning Gil Abeyta woke up to find his seven-month-old son, Christopher, gone from his crib.

"There were kids going in back and forth in and out and we never really locked the door," said Abeyta.

Wishing he had locked the door, no one heard a strange sound, he said.

Gil believes someone walked up into the bedroom, grabbed Christopher out of his crib, which was only about three feet away from him and his wife, and picked him up and took him away. Now new eyes are examining the abeyta cold case.

"We're slowly moving through the documentation and try to get a feel for what took place," said investigator Dan Corsentino, D.C. Investigations.

Corsentino has now been the case since about July 2013.

"There's always the chance that Christopher could still be alive," said Corsentino.

An age progressed photo is helping investigators showing what Christopher would look like today

"We never, ever realized we'd be doing this for 27 years," said Abeyta.

Countless children have gone missing in that time. That's why Gil and his wife have been traveling the world for "Families of Missing Children International".

"We have brought many kids home," said Abeyta.

But in the back of his mind, I always say I wish it was Christopher, he said.

Nevertheless, his wish keeps his hopes up.

"We're not going to give up. We're going to keep doing it until we die," he said.

The Abeyta's have great hope after learning about those new leads in the Madeiline McCann case. With new investigators, maybe there will be a break in Christopher's disappearance.

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