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New Hope in Mountain Shadows

Community coming together

Return to Mountain Shadows, A community rebuilding

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - New hope is brewing in Mountain Shadows,  More than eight months after the Waldo Canyon Wildfire, the feel of community is roaring back.  I took a bus tour of neighborhoods that were ravaged by the massive fire.  Nearly 350 homes were destroyed.  Now, you can see 20 homes that were rebuilt and I learned that 133 permits have been approved to build even more.

Allan Creely is a Harbor Pines homeowner and was one of the bus tour guides.  He told me, "Emotionally I don't know what it's like to be a Mom, obviously.  However every day is like giving birth in our neighborhood.  Every day we see construction, extremely fast, not only fast but right.  The builder cares that much for us."

City Council Person, Val Snider is not only a city leader but is also a homeowner in the Mountain Shadows community.  He didn't lose his house but did have neighbors who did.  I talked with him just days after last Summer's fire.  We toured his neighborhood then and now.  Here's what he told me about what he saw after this latest tour, "I'm so thankful for the way the community came together.  Colorado Springs has done an incredible effort."

The city has been working diligently to prevent a fire repeat. It includes new erosion control in the Mountain Shadows area.  There is also something called a debris catch runoff.  It is being built to let the water flow naturally and trap the debris that would be along with it.  During the Waldo Canyon blaze,  there was a river of fiery soot that flowed down the hill.  This debris catch runoff is intended to prevent that problem.    

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