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New perspective of Colorado's disasters

Footage puts Colorado disasters into perspective

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Firefighters battled the Black Forest and Waldo Canyon fire, and floods devastated towns.

Steve Schopper captured all of these events.

He is a visual specialist with the Colorado Springs Fire Department, and he is affected by these images, since he has to relive them through the footage he shot.

"I have a hard time getting through it, I have great sadness for those who have lost everything," Schopper said.

His footage has captured international attention.

"I have gotten phone calls from everywhere from Scotland, I just got a phone call this morning from the Australian Broadcast Corporation," the visual specialist said.

Firefighters from all over the US have been asking for copies of his videos.

"Federal firefighters have asked me if they can use the footage for training purposes jsut because it's a great example of how fuel management works," the photographer said.

He said he is showing the footage because he wants to show the process from fire, to flood, to the after effects.

"I want to try and tie all of it together and utilize all of my footage."

Schopper feels the images will open people's eyes to what the future holds.

"There is still a lot more, this is still a continuing saga we're going to be dealing with these floods for the next 10 years," Schopper said.

Schopper said the footage has helped people.

"I can't tell you how many phone calls I have gotten from people who said after I saw that Black Forest video I started trimming and limbing up trees," he said.

Schopper hopes his videos will continue to help who ever watches it.

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