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New push from Washington to hire veterans, spouses

New push from Washington to hire Veterans, Spouses

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The first lady and Jill Biden pushed companies to continue hiring veterans and their spouses on Tuesday.

According to the Associated Press, 1 million members of the military are expected to join the civilian workforce over the next five years. Michelle Obama said companies have hired or trained 290,000 veterans in less than two years. However, she said, there is still work to be done.

Statistics show the unemployment rate among veterans is lower than non-veterans. However, a breakdown of age groups shows one in five veterans under 25 years old is unemployed.

Tim Amthor with Pikes Peak Workforce Center said that number isn't surprising and it's not necessarily concerning.

"They're coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and they're thinking about what they want to do after they get out of the service. So they're taking some time to consider whether they should go to college, pursue technical training or enter into the workforce," said Amthor.

Rhonda Sargent works at Peterson Air Force Base. Sargent works as part of a team helping veterans and their spouses get jobs. She teaches a class geared toward military spouses.  Class starts next week and she expects a full house.

Jill Biden said there are initiatives in Washington working to help military spouses as well called Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

"This effort has helped spouses build strong resumes, has sponsored hiring fairs and created strong resume programs. Since its launch, more than 160 Fortune 500 employers have signed on to the partnership," said Biden. "More than 43,000 military spouses have been hired."

Pikes Peak Workforce Center is hosting a job fair geared toward veterans May 15-17 at Pikes Peak Community College. Amthor said 100 local and national companies have already signed on.

Here is a link for more information on the job fair: http://mvee.org/



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