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New roof shingles help homeowners save cash

New roof shingles help homeowners save cash

Dow Solar Shingles are the latest energy-saving tool to be introduced to southern Colorado.

These shingles are integrated into the roof of a home, and absorb energy from the sun, transforming that into energy that can be utilized within the home.

Referred to as the "roof that powers your house," the new shingles are more expensive to install initially.

According to Total Roofing's owner, Scott McIntyre, it does cost more to install one of the solar roofs.

"It is two to three times more expensive on your initial investment now with these Powerhouse solar shingles.  They make you money by creating electricity.  So it offsets, and will eventually pay for the roof," said McIntyre.

McIntyre said the roof will pay for itself in about 20 years.  He also added that there are federal tax credits and utility rebates available for homeowners who utilize solar shingles.

The shingles are different from the solar panels that can be attached to roofs.

"This actually looks great compared to your traditional rack-mounted system.  This is what we call building integrated, so it's built into the building as opposed to attached to it," said McIntyre.

He said there is a 20-year warranty with these shingles, but added that they are sturdy and have been shown to withstand severe hailstorms.

"The perfect time to put it on is when you're replacing your roof, or in the case of the Waldo Canyon Fire, you're rebuilding your house, it's an ideal time to go with solar," said McIntyre.

For more information on solar shingles, click here.

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