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No criminal charges to be filed in dumpster baby hoax case

No Charges For Teen Mother Behind Dumpster Hoax

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The mother of a baby said to be found in a trash bin earlier this week will not face criminal charges.

Colorado Springs Police made the announcement late Friday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for the police department says the 17-year-old had been hiding the pregnancy from her family. She made up the story about finding the baby in the dumpster to account for the sudden appearance of the child.

Police said social workers are now working with the mother and a civil court judge is overseeing the situation.

The mother could have faced felony or misdemeanor charges for misleading police. On Wednesday, she reported finding the infant in a trash bin near her home which launched a police investigation involving the Crimes Against Children unit.

The infant was taken to the hospital and at last report was in stable condition.

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