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'No Kill' animal bill proposed

Possible Euthanization Bill

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Protecting animals from euthanization.

That's the goal of a proposed ballot initiative that could be put to a vote in November.

Under the new proposal a pet could be put down only after a certified veterinarian has examined the animal and deemed the animal as suffering.

Humane Society employees say many shelters don't have a veterinarian on hand, which might delay the euthanization and lengthen the animals suffering.

If the initiative passes, it would take that decision away from shelter employees.

It would also prohibit euthanizing animals if a shelter didn't have enough resources.

A number of Humane Society workers say, the ballot could cause undue suffering to pets.

"If we can't euthanize sick and injured, animals with behavior issues they will be incarcerated for a very long time, possibly their lifetime. That is very costly and it's inhumane for the animal," said Jan McHugh-Smith with the Humane Society in Colorado Springs.

Under current state law shelters can put an animal down if the shelter doesn't have enough resources, if the animal is suffering, or considered dangerous.

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