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No ordinance on pot in city buildings yet

No ordinance on pot in city buildings yet

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Amendment 64 legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado but it also allowed for property owners to keep it out.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey would like to see marijuana banned from all city buildings.

"There are lot and lots of federal grants the city applies to get and actually agrees to go along with federal guidelines in order to use that federal money," Chief Carey said.

Federal grants and certifications is the same argument used by the Colorado Springs Airport that made it illegal to possess pot last week.  Interim Aviation Director Dan Gallagher stood next to Chief Carey presenting the Colorado Springs City Council with an ordinance banning marijuana from city buildings.

"If we can fall under a city ordinance I think it will have more consistency around the city," Gallagher said.

But the rule at the airport carries with it punishments of up to $2500 in fines and 189 days in jail if you carry marijuana through the doors.

In a work session meeting, council members voiced opposition to both the possible punishment and some wording in the proposed ordinance.

"I think there is an issue about the penalty," Council President Keith King said.  "I think we needed a lot more information about these particular issues than what we currently have."

King and Councilman Joel Miller volunteered to head up a small group of staff to answer questions and work on the wording and consequences of carrying marijuana into city buildings.  The first of many marijuana issues the council will face in coming years.

"Even though we opted out of it in the city there are going to be things that we have to address as we go forward," King said.

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