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No public venue to light up

No public venue to light up

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Retail pot stores will open New Year's Day, but out-of-state tourists will face a dilemma. There's no public venue for tourists who want to light up in 2014.

Mike Stetler said he's looking into opening a smoke shop in Pueblo County. "Amsterdam and stuff like this, they have their cafes and everybody goes in there, takes their computers or whatever and they mingle and they socialize," he said.

Stetler is exploring opening a restaurant where people can smoke. It's a vision he has for Pueblo County but one that he sees happening across the state. Stetler added, "Especially like in the ski resorts and stuff like this where you're getting all kinds of out-of-staters, people like that, coming to the ski resort."

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace said if people want to open a smoke shop, it needs to be at a different location from where marijuana is being sold. It has to be an outdoor venue, closed off by a fence. "If any of these dispensary owners build an establishment for consumption, there could never be smoking indoors. However, there could be edibles indoors," he said.

As for smoking on private property, commissioners haven't decided whether people are allowed to smoke on their front lawn. Pace said he doesn't think he could support that legislation because he believes it contradicts the state constitution's definition of public consumption. 

"If you're with your kids and you're walking a dog down a street that someone sitting in front of their house lighting up a joint, I think is a little inconsistent," Pace said.

Denver City Council voted earlier this month to allow people to smoke marijuana in a front yard, even if they can be seen from the street.

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