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No timetable for removing uprooted trees, debris from Fountain Creek

Fountain Creek littered with uprooted trees, debris

PUEBLO, Colo. - Debris up and down Fountain Creek won't be removed anytime soon.

"There is no program in place, state, federal or local, to deal with the debris at this time," said Larry Small, executive director of Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District.

The debris on the creek isn't just an eyesore. "It's a big threat to the communities along the creek," Small said.

Uprooted trees clog irrigation gates, which means farmers can't get water to their ditches.

Small said, "Every large storm you'll find the farmers and ranchers up the creek will lose their head gates."

Fountain Creek runs about 50 miles. It's what happens downstream that has Puebloans worried.

Joe Jimenez owns Double J's Automotive, which sits east of Fountain Creek on Fifth Street. He believes it's time to clean it up to prevent any serious flooding.

"A lot of stuff coming down from the Springs. Those guys don't seem to want to do anything about it and our guys don't want to do anything about it," Jimenez said.

Small said, "People in Pueblo have always been worried, and rightfully so, particularly the east side neighborhood."

The Fountain Creek District estimates it would cost more than a million dollars to clean up the creek, and that's money it just doesn't have.

In the meantime, the banks of the creek are loaded with dead trees and the sediment keeps piling up.

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