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No travelers have used pot amnesty boxes at airport

No travelers have used pot amnesty boxes at airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police said Tuesday that no travelers had utilized the pot amnesty boxes.

It's been almost two weeks since amnesty boxes rolled out at the Colorado Springs Airport. Marijuana is not allowed at the airport, so those boxes give people a chance to dispose of their stash with no questions asked.

One amnesty box is located next to the entrance to security. The other is outside near the airport entrance on the ground level across from the parking lot.

"We have not received anything turned in to the amnesty boxes," said Lt. Catherine Buckley with Colorado Springs police.

When the boxes first rolled out, they weren't clearly labeled. KRDO NewsChannel 13 asked passengers what they thought would be put in the boxes.

"I don't know what it's for," said one passenger.

"The green box? I have no idea. Pills? Medicine?" said another passenger.

The boxes now have signs describing what goes in them, and potential penalties for hanging on to marijuana at the airport.

However, the boxes have stayed empty.

Buckley hopes this is a good sign.

"We hope that if they have marijuana, they opt to leave it in their vehicles or at home," said Buckley.

Colorado Springs City Council discussed on Monday what will happen to travelers caught with marijuana in the airport.

"Originally we had talked about having jail time and a drug charge against someone as a possibility," said Council member Jan Martin. "Marijuana is legal now in the state of Colorado so we wanted to be sure whatever penalties were assessed, it did not include a drug charge that would go on someone's record or any jail time. We didn't feel that it rose to that level."

The amnesty boxes aren't going away, but the pot dropped in them will. It will be taken to Colorado Springs police's evidence team and then destroyed.

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