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Nonprofit organizations in Pueblo are figuring out ways around government funding

Nonprofits in Pueblo not going down without a fight

PUEBLO, Colo. - Nonprofit organizations in Pueblo are figuring out ways around the lack of government funding.

Since Question 1A, which would have added an additional half-cent tax, didn't pass last month more than $1.8 million didn't go to six nonprofit organizations.

Stephanie Stowell is director of the Pueblo Zoo, one of the six nonprofit organizations impacted by 1A.

She says the zoo lost $120,000 in 2012 and she is expecting that deficit to increase.

"We have enough money to keep the zoo open for about one more year," Stowell said.

Stowell said with the zoo in debt, she is going to have to do something she hasn't done in five years.

"We are going to have to be forced to pass some of the burden on to our visitors. We are more than likely increasing our prices," she said.

Stowell said she doesn't want to let go of any animals to balance the zoo's budget, but the Nature and Raptor Center is partnering with the Pueblo Zoo to help with their financial burden.

"We're working with the Pueblo Zoo to develop some summer camps," said James Little, who is the executive director of the Nature and Raptor Center.

But even with the partnership, Little said with 1A not passing, there are projects that need to be put off.

"One of the key things we were going to do with the 1A campaign money is to rebuild the nature center that was burned back in 2007," Little said.

Stowell said even though 1A didn't pass, it doesn't reflect how people feel about the zoo.

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