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North Carefree & Picturesque investigation

Need for changes?

North Carefree & Picturesque investigation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Monday morning's deadly accident at North Carefree and Picturesque begs the question if there needs to be changes to prevent a repeat.  I contacted City Traffic Engineer, Kathleen Krager about it.  She told me since the accident, staff will look at possible changes. 

Royce Barber lives in the North Carefree corridor.   He told me that a key concern he and others have is that the speed on North Carefree was upped from 30 to 40 miles per hour.  Barber is also worried that drivers are moving too fast on side streets.  City Traffic Engineer Kathleen Krager told me, slowing North Carefree down to 30 again doesn't mean it'll slow everyone down.  This is a street designed for higher speeds.  Springs Police will be more vigilant to slow drivers down.

City staff did have some interesting numbers about accidents in this intersection.  I learned from April 2009-April 2012 there were eight accidents over that three year period.  Of those accidents, none involved pedestrians and there were no deaths.  There were three people hurt in those accidents.

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