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Number two on Worst Dressed List

Colorado Springs dubious honor

Colo. Springs number 2 on worst dressed list

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - People I talked with are shocked about the city being put on the worst-dressed list.  Colorado Springs was ranked number two.  Wichita Kansas is numero uno.  I headed downtown to talk to with what's perceived as the dress to depress set.  The Movoto Blog is the one that rated the cities. 

Movoto says in part the reason why we and other cities are so high on the list is because we don't have enough high end shoe or high end clothing stores.  I stopped in at Brown's Shoe Company.  Ryan Prickett is one of the owners.  I asked him what's up with the city being so fashionably challenged?   Ryan told me, "It's a casual kind of area.  We have very comfort oriented shoes here, very supportive."  Shopper Lisa Morrone could believe we were on the list, "It's terrible. We are well dressed people here.  Colorado Springs is coming up, I believe.  I'm originally from Southern California.  I think we're just as good as Southern California."

I went down the street to CJ's Unique Boutique.  Bobbie Peterson is the manager of the store.  She put it this way when it comes to the Springs not having enough high end clothing stores, "You don't have to pay a lot of money to look really good."

I've put the Movoto Blog study on the front page of KRDO.com on links we mentioned.   Take a good look at the criteria and the rationale for the "dissing" of Colorado Springs and other cities.   Tell me what you think about it. 

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