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Officials: Cigarette causes grass fire in Co. Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The fire danger in Colorado Springs is extreme, but people are still throwing cigarettes out of their car windows. A cigarette ignited a fire near Woodmen Road and Powers Boulevard Tuesday, officials said.

Firefighters said people are being surprisingly careless.

"At the point of origin of the fire you could see the cigarette butts, and you could see exactly where that wind took it up the hill," said Colorado Springs Fire Department spokesperson Sunny Smaldino.

On the anniversary of the Waldo Canyon fire racing down a mountain side, and the Black Forest fire fresh in people's minds, CSFD wants people to get the message.

"It is extremely dangerous, and it can create damage that you don't even realize. If you are driving and throw a cigarette out, you could have started a fire, and you are 20 miles down the road before anyone can report that," said Smaldino.

The fire didn't burn down any buildings, but it could have easily been a disaster if the cigarette had been flicked on the other side of the road where there are homes.

"Thank goodness there weren't homes in the way because the way the wind was moving, and how fast that fire was moving through the grass, it certainly would have been damaging," said Smaldino.

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