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One drink DUI?

Blood alcohol limit change

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending states should lower their DUI limits from the current level of .08 down to .05.

Officials said the change would reduce the number of DUI crashes and fatalities.

Attorney David McDivitt represents victims of DUI crashes.  He believes the NTSB's plan could save lives.

"When you let people know that you're going to be prosecuted for DUI, the penalties are going to be stiffer at a lower threshold, the idea is to discourage people from driving," McDivitt said.

Even though The NTSB has no authority to change the standard, only recommend that each state make the change, patrons at Oscar's Oyster Bar say if the law changed, so would their habits.

"I plan on drinking a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and now if that means I have to get a cab and I have to get a cab and I have to be concerned about how I get home, if I might get a DUI, I'll probably just have dinner at home, it's just not worth the risk," said Lauren Loeser.

That concerns those who make their living in the service industry.

"You're going to kill the entire food service industry because it is based on alcohol," said bartender Andrew Gorham.

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