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Tech Sgt Susan Hill keeps 21st Space Wing moving

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - An integral part of 21st Space Wing at Peterson Air Force Base is someone who moves effortlessly to keep information moving on base.  Tech Sgt Susan Hill is a Knowledge Operations Manager.  That's fancy talk for someone who helps support 18 agencies to make sure deployments to paychecks get coordinated.  Susan told me,"It makes me feel proud that I'm behind the scenes trying to make sure everything moves and if it doesn't, I can track down the reason why."

Another side to Susan Hill is her off base volunteer work.  She has been a proud supporter of the Marian House Soup Kitchen to the ReStore store.  Susan says, "I'm proud to be in the Air Force and give back to the community."  TSgt Hill has enjoyed volunteer work since she was a teenager.  She told me that she planted trees and picked up trash. She says it wasn't because she had to do it.  She wanted to do it.

Her Boss, Robert L. Orwig Jr told me that Susan is diligent on duty to make sure things run smoothly and, "It's amazing how dedicated and energetic she is of helping others."

That's why TSgt Susan Hill is our Wear Red Friday Hero.  You can nominate your own hero for this honor.  Go back to our main page and scroll down the right side of it.  You will see the nomination form under the Wear Red banner.

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