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Overwatering could be to blame for dying lawns

The Colorado State University Extension office says drought-wary homeowners are over-compensating for the lack of rain, and their lawns are paying the price.

According to the extension office, homeowners are essentially drowning their lawns.

Homeowners who previously watered their lawn a few minutes every day to provide an inch of water per week are now watering for an hour or more on their allotted watering days, thus providing several inches of water per week.

For drought-tolerant grass growing in clay soil, prolonged watering often results in a soggy brown lawn. This is because clay holds water; the water does not drain away or dry out quickly, and the sad result is death by drowning.

With clay soil, if a person can push a screwdriver six inches into the ground, then watering is not needed. The amount of water a particular lawn needs on any given day is very much dependent upon the type of turf growing, the type of soil the turf is growing in and the weather.

For more information about keeping lawns green, contact the Colorado Master Gardener Help Desk. Colorado Master Gardener volunteers are available at 305 S. Union Blvd. to diagnose plant problems, and research and answer gardening and landscaping questions from 9 a.m. to noon Monday-Friday.  

You can also contact the help desk anytime by sending an email to csumg2@elpasoco.com or by phone 719-520-7684.

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