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Owls removed from Mountain Shadows neighborhood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A trio of great horned owlets are in a new home in the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center after Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers removed them from a nest near a busy intersection in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood.

A representative with Colorado Parks and Wildlife told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that officials were concerned for the safety of the owlets due to the urban nature of their location.  Officials said the birds were approaching the age they would jump out of the nest as they were attempting to learn how to fly.

The adult owls were not relocated.

The birds had caused quite a stir in the neighborhood, prompting police to issue warnings to people who were stopping to observe the owls.

Police said some people had walked into the road without looking to try and get a better look at the birds. The crowd also caused traffic problems in the area.

"We moved the birds to a rehabilitation facility for the benefit of the owls and to prevent people from getting injured by the adult owls or oncoming traffic," said District Wildlife Manager Steve Cooley.

The Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will raise them with a segregate for a few weeks until they can be released.

People interested in making a donation to help care for the owls can do so at www.ellicottwildlife.com.

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