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Paint goes a long way for one veteran

Neighbor Works of Pueblo starts Operation Paintbrush

Operation Paintbrush brightens veteran's home

PUEBLO, Colo. - One groups mission is to make Pueblo a better place to live by painting one house at a time.

Neighbor Works of Pueblo started Operation Paintbrush more than 30 years ago to help people improve the outside of their houses. 

Joe Rodriguez is a retired World War II Veteran.

He has had two eye surgeries and is on disability.

"You don't know how much I want to climb the ladder and scrape, it's getting to be a trial to get things that I use to do."

This is where Operation Paintbrush comes into action.

Rick Holmes is part of the group, he says this helps make Pueblo a better town.

"It takes care of people who needs an uplift for their house and make it look good."

Not only are adults participating in Operation Paintbrush, but the kids like James Mobley are also.

"I enjoy it out here because there is all these things going on they let the kids come but never let them work so I'm happy I have a chance to work."

Rodriguez is grateful for the help.

"I thank these people from the bottom of my heart and I wish them well and they do a fantastic job."

Looks like operation paintbrush was a success.

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