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Pair accused of squatting, teaching others to squat

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police say they have arrested two men who were squatting in homes and teaching others to do the same thing.

Investigators say Ethan Eaton, 34, and Bryan Jensen, 31, were squatting in homes at 3772 Homestead Ridge Heights and 6180 Rockville Drive.

The squatting was reported to police when a real estate agent who was listing the home on Homestead Ridge Heights discovered someone was living in the home , which was supposed to be vacant.

Police say the pair had filed paper work with the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's Office claiming Adverse Possession of the properties. In Colorado, a person must squat on a property for a minimum of 18 years to be granted adverse possession.

In addition to the alleged squatting, Eaton and Jensen are accused of running two businesses to help people trespass on vacant properties for the purpose of claiming adverse possession.

Police say that in squatting cases like this one, the fact that the men moved into the homes without the knowledge or permission of their rightful owners amounts to trespassing.

In this case, both alleged victims lived out of town. Real estate agents were able to help police locate and communicate with the property owners.

Police say out-of-town property owners who suspect squatting is happening in a property they own can grant a search waiver for police to search the property.

Eaton and Jensen are facing charges for felony trespassing.

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