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Parents fix son's flood-damaged property

Parents help their son repair his flood damaged property

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Lucas and Ashley Phamler's property was damaged by floodwaters over the weekend.

Their garage was destroyed.

Their Jeep is buried in mud.

And their clothes, appliances and other items are scattered and wet throughout their basement.

Dick Phalmer is Lucas' father. He saw how bad their basement was battered by floodwater.

"The basement had water that was six feet high, everything was floating," he said.

Lucas and Ashley had to move out of their home until everything is repaired. That is when Lucas' parents stepped in to help fix his house in time for a special occasion.

"(Ashley) is having a baby in a month," Dick Phalmer said

Dick said the garage and Jeep that were destroyed acted as a dam, which helped save homes down Cheyenne Creek.

Taylor Collins lives near the creek. His driveway is damaged and there is a sinkhole in his backyard.

He feels the area will receive more attention for flood projects.

"It's a hey look at us too, I think things were not done as soon as it should have been, I don't think people expected to get this bad," Collins said.

He feels the support for the cleanup was overwhelming.

"It was awesome, people I didn't even know, I met 30 to 40 new people from this experience," Collins said.

Dick said he's happy to help his son and daughter-in-law, with nearly no strings attached.

"I am expecting a big Christmas present from them because this deserves something," Dick Phalmer said.

The City of Colorado Springs has lifted all voluntary evacuations near Cheyenne Road.

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