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Parents react to pro-life protest outside Springs high school

Parents react to pro-life protest outside Springs school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Parents were angry Friday morning (2/21/14) when they saw a group share graphic pictures of aborted babies with students at Doherty High School, but the protestors say they are doing God's work.

Jeffery Fish is the leader of the group called the abolitionist society of Colorado Springs. Fish says the protest was part of a project he started called Project Frontlines. "If abortion clinics are the final line, we figure we need to start at the front lines." Fish said.

Fish says the campaign aims to inform students about the negative side to abortions. Parents we talked to said they don't want their kids learning about abortion from the group. "That's something the family should be discussing at home." Allison Hunter said.

Fish said he is considering moving the group to middle schools to share their message. The group will be outside Doherty High School until Thursday (2/27/14). Colorado Springs School District 11 says there was nothing they could do about the protestors because they were gathered on a public sidewalk and not on school property.

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