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Parents, students outraged over Fort Collins Facebook pages

Demeaning pages feature pictures of female students

FORT COLLINS (KMGH) - Fort Collins police and the Poudre School District are investigating anonymous, demeaning Facebook pages launched over the weekend showing photographs of female students from Fossil Ridge and Poudre High Schools, including some girls in suggestive poses and revealing outfits.

Police and Poudre School District spokeswoman Danielle Clark told KRDO's sister station 7NEWS Monday afternoon that investigators are trying to determine if there was a crime committed, but at this point no charges have been filed.

One Facebook page, titled "Fossil Chicks," showed photos of teenage girls in skimpy outfits, under the words "Beautiful Sluts." The page identified the girls in the photographs as Fossil Ridge High School students.

"It all just happened so fast, it started out with one thing and then it just turned into a lot," said Gage Clifton, a student at Fossil Ridge High School.

That page was later removed, but other Facebook pages were created, including one titled: "Warning: Nasty chicks of Foco." The page had more than 600 "Likes" by 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

"Personally, I think it's a really bad thing," said Jacob Juhl of Poudre High School.

"We here at Nasty Chicks of Foco bring you the nastiest whores to stay away from NO STDS!" the Facebook page's profile said.

"It definitely made them feel bad, nobody likes to be called a slut," Clifton said.


The page also made reference to Poudre High School students' photos under the phrases, "Poudre WHORES!" and "Poudre Sluts."

"This page is so negative and messed up. So let's change that…," one girl posted on the Facebook page.

Others repeatedly posted instructions on how to report the page to Facebook's administrators.

Another girl, however, posted: "Made Fox News congrats whoever made this page."

Some boys wrote comments, too.

"I like the redhead quite a bit," a boy posted with a smiley face.

But another boy wrote, "Everybody should collect all the names of the people liking these [expletive] comments and calling these girls names and make a facebook page for them and dog them out of fort Collins."

Some friends defended the girls in the photographs.

"WOW Tyler! I'm sorry...whoever posted this [expletive] needs their ass kicked!" a girl wrote.

Another girl wrote about her friend (who is shown simply smiling in what appears to be a cellphone self-portrait): "Danielle is a sweetheart and you are a piece of work for posting this. How insecure are you?"

Many of the photos appear to be typical teen "selfies," cellphone self-portraits the girls took of themselves smiling or looking into the camera. Some photos just show girls dressed up in an outfit. Several of the images are photos someone took of a girl posing as she takes a cellphone snapshot of herself.

The Poudre School District released this statement Monday afternoon:

"Poudre School District is aware and shares the community's concern regarding Facebook pages containing comments about PSD students. We are actively working with Facebook and Fort Collins Police Services to investigate and have these pages removed.

"However, because we do not know the identity of the author(s) of these pages/posts, we cannot take action.

"We can and are working with those students impacted by the pages and also continue to educate students, staff and the community about cyber-bullying and its impacts."

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