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Parents, students question school for vague email related to threat

D-8 blames social media for spread of high school threat rumors

Fountain - Fort Carson High School reported threat

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Parents and students of Fountain - Fort Carson High School are wondering why the school was vague in its email and phone calls related to a reported threat.

D-8 is blaming social media for scaring parents and students. The threat was made against Fountain - Fort Carson High School, but D-8 says it was unfounded.

As snow rapidly fell in fountain on Tuesday, students weren't only talking about the weather.

"People told me that a kid was tired of being bullied and that he was just going to shoot up the school," freshman Austin Webb.

"Yesterday after school, people were talking about how there was like a threat," said freshman Kendill Keits.

Fountain - Fort Carson High School said in an email after investigating reports of a threat on social media, all the rumors and leads pointed back to one comment on Facebook.

"The first thing I heard was when my kids woke me up this morning about 6:30 or so and said that there was some kind of threat," said parent Mike Day.

Day has two kids who go to the high school. Dylan is a junior and Mary is a sophomore.

"In my mind I was thinking, if I don't hear anything before it's time for them to go to school, then they're just not going," said Day.    

Shortly after that, Day said the school called about the reported threat. He said it put him a lot at ease.

However, he claims it was too vague.

"I could see where they wouldn't want to unduly alarm people, but at the same it would be nice to have a little more detail as far as what the threat might have been."

Freshman Austin Webb agrees the school should've been more specific.

"It makes me feel unsafe because they're hiding a bunch of stuff and i really don't wanna die," said Webb.

KROD Newschannel 13 contacted Fountain - Fort Carson High School and D-8 numerous times.  They did not want to comment on camera, but sent out a second email to reassure parents and students. They say the threat was investigated and everyone was safe.

This information can be shared directly or anonymously through Safe2Tell at (719) 520-7435. 

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