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Parents "terrified" after accused child pimp bails out of jail for 3rd time

Trevor Baker bonds out of jail after bail reduced

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Accused child pimp Trevor Baker has bailed out of jail for the third time since his arrest in May for allegedly prostituting an underage girl.

Since his initial arrest, Baker has been re-arrested twice for contacting the 17-year-old alleged victim in the case after the girl's parents were granted a restraining order.

On Friday, the judge in the case reduced Baker's bond from $1 million to $16,000, according to jail records. Baker bailed out Friday evening.

"I'm, of course, worried for my daughter and terrified for her safety in light of the drastically reduced bail and release of Mr. Baker," said the alleged victim's father, who didn't want to be named as to keep his daughter's identity private.

He and the girl's mother said Baker has refused to stop contacting their daughter, and they feel the justice system has failed them in preventing it from happening again before the trial. They said the teen has been pressured not to testify in the case.

"This is a very big deal in that there is no guideline for keeping repeat offenders behind bars, where they belong," said the girl's dad. "Lowered bail, sympathetic court, and the predators are free with no time served, nor penalty from ignoring direct court order."

Baker was arrested in May after police said he was caught with the teen and an 18-year-old female at a Colorado Springs motel. According to arrest documents, Baker admitted to pimping them, but said the underage girl, who was 16 at the time, told him she was 18.

The teen's mom had this message for parents: "The community needs to realize child prostitution does happen here. Don't wait until your child becomes a victim. Put a stop to it now and let predators know they cannot victimize children."

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