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Parks and Wildlife wants you to be on the lookout mountain lions

CO Parks & Wildlife: dog probably killed by Mountain lion

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Parks and Wildlife urges you to watch your pets closely.

Parks and Wildlife have received 33 mountain lion sighting calls; five of those were for attacks.

Susie Norton spotted mountain lions in front of her home in Woodland Park. It was the first time she has ever seen mountain lions.

Her biggest concern was her pet.

"I thought oh my gosh, I didn't want him to freak (the mountain lion) out," she said.

Mountain lions were not only spotted in Woodland Park, but also Colorado Springs.

Parks and Wildlife say a homeowner on Ponder Heights Drive lost his dog, but he found it partially buried. Parks and Wildlife believe a mountain lion did this because that's how the animal kills.

Parks and Wildlife said the homeowner left his dog outside, which makes it an easy target for mountain lions.

Abbie Wall works for Parks and Wildlife.

She said it is common for mountain lions to attack pets, because they don't know the difference between a pet and a wild animal.

"Mountain lions look at prey like prey, not family dogs," she said.

Parks and Wildlife suggest not leaving food outside.

They also advise you to put your pet in a kennel with a secure top if you are going to leave your pet outside.

If you do spot a mountain lion call Parks and Wildlife at 227-5200.

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